Wrinkles on your face reveal your lifestyle

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  Heavy work pressure, bad lifestyle, if you don’t pay attention, you will find in the mirror fine lines quietly appearing everywhere on your face, such as fore-up lines, nasolabial folds, brow lines, crow's feet, lip-corner lines... In fact Every line on the face has a reason

  You may think that sleeping more is good for your skin. Indeed, eight hours of sleep every night can give your skin the time needed to repair it. However, if you find that one side of your face is significantly more wrinkled than the other, it may be due to your sleeping habits. If you are used to sleeping on one side only when you sleep, it will lead to insufficient blood supply and more likely to form wrinkles on one side of your face.

  If the skin on your cheeks looks dull and dry, and has a lot of fine lines, then this indicates that your skin may lack moisture due to dehydration. When you gently pinch dehydrated skin, it is not easy to spring back into place.

  The dehydration line seen on the face is not necessarily a permanent real wrinkle. After the skin is hydrated, the lines should disappear.

  Those deep lines from the nose to the mouth remind you of all the happy times you have ever had. Like to laugh, especially laughing, it will cause wrinkles from the nose to the mouth over time, which shows that you are a pistachio who loves to laugh.

  We all know that smoking is harmful to health. Regular smoking or e-cigarette smoking can cause permanent wrinkles to form. Smoking produces free radicals, which are harmful to skin cells, collagen and lymphatic system, and can cause dull skin. More obviously, the spider webs around the lips are usually a sign of a person smoking.

  The crow's feet at the corners of the eyes are usually one of the first wrinkles, but their deepening speed is largely due to sun damage. Although regular exposure to the sun is good for the body, excessive UV exposure can weaken skin cells and blood vessels. This damage can lead to wrinkles and pigmentation. Therefore, going out without sunscreen will deepen the wrinkles around the eyes.

  Frequent worries or worries will cause a clear horizontal line to form on the forehead. Due to stress or disappointment, the mouth muscles will bend downwards, and the chin is a common area of wrinkles caused by stress and disappointment.

  Lifestyle or life stress is the main cause of wrinkles between the eyebrows. Prolonged stress can severely damage your skin. If you are constantly stressed, you may find yourself frowning. Stress and anxiety increase the production of cortisol hormone, which breaks down collagen, leading to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

  Therefore, in our daily life, we need to supplement collagen food appropriately to supplement the collagen needed by the skin. A glass of water each morning and evening, a glass of water in the morning can clean up the intestinal garbage, and a glass of water in the evening can supplement the water needed at night to prevent blood stickiness and pigmentation. Everyone must choose a suitable method to remove wrinkles. Manage your facial expressions, massage, sunscreen, and maintain adequate sleep to reduce wrinkles.