Why do many people start to use facial cleansers?

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Because of the small depressions and wrinkles on the surface of the facial skin, ordinary facial cleansers and manual facial cleansing may not be able to completely touch these areas, and facial cleansers have unique silicone brush heads that allow facial cleansers to better contact the face. Massage the skin with a light electric motion. Wrinkles, crevices and pores can remove dirt and exfoliation to achieve a thorough cleansing effect. Moreover, the facial cleanser is less irritating to the skin and can also be used on sensitive muscles. Therefore, many people start to use the facial cleanser in order to wash their faces more cleanly. The facial cleanser acts as a mechanical exfoliator to help remove dead skin while increasing blood flow to make the skin glow.


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Is the facial cleansing device used every day?

Facial Cleanser is not recommended to be used every day, the specific frequency of use should be judged according to your skin type.

Dry and sensitive skin should be used less frequently, and oily skin can be used a little more frequently. Specifically, you should find out the frequency of use according to your skin type.

The working principle of the facial cleansing device is to use vibration to make the dirt in the skin vibrate to clean and massage the skin. There are many kinds of facial cleansers on the market, but no matter which one is for exfoliating and cleansing the skin. Sit down and think about it, if you clean your skin frequently, can the skin barrier be damaged?

After the very first use, I noticed a major difference in how much cleaner and smoother my skin felt post-cleanse compared to when I use my hands. Apply a little bit of your favorite cleanser, and then gently apply it to your skin.Can remove dirt and impurities, while stimulating the lymph, promote metabolism.

How often is the best time to use the facial cleanser?

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is fragile and the stratum corneum is thin. If it is mildly sensitive, you can use it once a week. If it is very sensitive, it is recommended to use it once a month. After use, it is recommended to use a soothing mask for repair.

Dry skin

The keratin of dry skin is dry and fragile. Even in the summer, the skin will be dehydrated. It is acceptable to use it two to three times a week. In autumn and winter, once a week is acceptable.

Oily skin

The keratin of oily skin is generally thicker, so you can use it more frequently. It can be used once a day in summer, and about four times a week in autumn and winter.

Acne muscle

If you have ordinary acne, such as closed mouth, you can use the cleansing device appropriately, but if you have serious acne, redness, inflammation cysts etc, please stop using it to prevent the cleansing device from reapplying to the skin hurt.