What's the problem with hand cream rubbing your face?

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Generally speaking, it is not recommended to use hand cream to wipe your face, because of the difference between face and hand skin, and the different standards for facial skin care products and hand cream, because it is more recommended to use them separately to make the two Can better play the role of the product's efficacy.

In fact, the amino acid natural moisturizing factor and other ingredients contained in the hand cream are similar to the ingredients of general facial skin care products. They can keep the stratum corneum of the skin with a certain amount of moisture and keep the skin moisturized. However, there are some differences between the two.


Hand skin is more dry and dehydrated than facial skin, so hand cream is oily, and its effect is more inclined to lock skin moisture with oil components, while most facial skin care products are more oily. It is a hydrating factor component for hydrating and moisturizing. Compared with hand cream, it has a lower oil content. Therefore, if you use hand cream to wipe your face, it will cause too much oil on your face, which can easily clog your pores.

The effect of hand cream is generally moisturizing and moisturizing, but the effect of facial skin care products will be relatively diversified, such as whitening, anti-aging, firming, etc., there will be corresponding skin care products for different facial skin problems. In addition, hand creams generally contain more fragrance components, and the smell is more fragrant. If the hand cream is wiped on the face, the fragrances contained in it will burden the skin.

In fact, as far as the number of cleansing is concerned, the number of washing hands is much more than washing the face. Therefore, the moisture loss of the hand skin is much faster than that of the face. Therefore, the texture of hand cream is generally relatively thick and can be formed on the hand skin. A protective film reduces moisture loss while moisturizing the skin, keeping the hand skin in a moisturized state. The facial skin is more delicate and sensitive, so the texture of facial skin care products is generally lighter and gentler, so it is not recommended to use hand cream to wipe your face.

Hand cream is made for the skin of the hands, but many people do not realize that the use of hand cream also requires attention, otherwise the effect of using hand cream will not be achieved.