What do you know about skin care misunderstandings?

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  Do I have to use facial cleanser in the morning and evening? The more foam, the better?

  Some people think that they didn't use facial cleanser to wash their face, which is equivalent to not washing their face, so they must use it sooner or later.

  But in fact, it’s not wrong to use facial cleanser at night, because the skin is exposed to the outside for a day, stained with dust and oil. Use facial cleanser to clean these to prevent clogging of pores; and whether you need to use facial cleanser in the morning depends on people. different:

  For people with dry skin, the skin does not secrete too much oil at night, and warm water can wash it off. For mixed skin, you can choose to use it both morning and evening, or you can choose to use it once at night, depending on the oily condition of the skin, it is recommended in the morning Choose a relatively mild one; for oily skin, you can use it both morning and evening.

  Facial cleanser is not the more foam the better. Related to foam is the foaming agent in the facial cleanser, but the foaming agent is often also a surfactant at the same time, which has a certain cleaning effect. If the pursuit of foam is excessive, it may cause excessive cleansing and irritation to the skin.

  Oily skin can still accept foamy facial cleanser, but dry skin or sensitive skin is still low foam or non-foaming type.

  Can I keep applying the mask without drying? Do I need to wash my face after applying it?

  Many people like to apply the mask every time until the mask paper is slightly dry before taking it off. They think that this is the way to absorb the nutrients in the mask paper, and to moisturize.

  But in fact, applying a mask is an efficient and fast way of moisturizing and hydrating. Generally, within 10-15 minutes, the effective nutrients in the mask have been absorbed by the skin and the moisture content is reduced. If you continue to apply it on the face, it will reverse the absorption of moisture in the skin, causing the skin to become dehydrated and dry.

  In addition, the mask can be applied once every 2-3 days, no need to apply every day. Applying too much can easily cause damage to the stratum corneum, thinning of the skin and weakening of the barrier function.

  After applying the mask, be sure to wash your face with clean water, and then use water lotion. Otherwise, the remaining essence on the face can easily block the pores, causing acne and closing the mouth.

  The higher the SPF of sunscreen, the better?

  The level of sun protection index does not refer to the effect of sun protection, but refers to the duration of sun protection. Suppose a person starts to develop erythema after 10 minutes of sun exposure without sunscreen. After applying SPF15 sunscreen, she will not get sunburn until 15×10 minutes.

  Therefore, sunscreen should be applied more and once every other time to achieve the best sunscreen effect.

  In addition, the sunscreen product should be applied to a certain thickness, generally 2mg/cm². Approximately 0.9g of sunscreen should be applied to a face, which is about the size of a coin.

  Pollen, catkins and microorganisms are floating in the air. People with allergies have extremely sensitive skin, so be careful when choosing skin care products. It is not advisable to use products containing spices, alcohol and fruit acids. Such products are irritating to the skin and can easily cause allergies.