Tips for Teeth Cleanliness, Brilliant Smiles

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Chewing crispy raw fruits and vegetables can reduce the residue of food coloring, they are like natural toothbrushes. Try to chew apples, celery or carrots hard, they can rub the surface of the tooth sufficiently without affecting the enamel. The harder you chew, the better.

People always ignore the problem of food residues between teeth. Residual food can damage your teeth. If you are only concerned about whitening, you should also pay attention to removing the residue between the gaps, so that the teeth will look whiter. In addition, no matter how white your teeth are, if your gums are red and swollen, they don’t look healthy, so it’s best to clean your gums once every two days. We recommend this portable tooth whitening wipes, which can be carried with you and wipe the surface of your teeth after drinking coffee to keep your teeth white.

Teeth Cleanliness

Studies have shown that eating a little cheese after each meal can prevent tooth decay and promote enamel regeneration. Milk and yogurt also have the same effect, which can prevent tooth decay and make teeth shiny. Because they contain minerals calcium and phosphorus, they can promote the remineralization of tooth enamel.

Xylitol is a natural sweetener that can prevent dental plaque, while ordinary sugar can easily cause dental plaque. Xylitol can also balance the acid-base balance in the mouth and promote salivation. Saliva is a natural cleanser in our mouths, it can clean all crevices. But everything has two sides: saliva can clean food waste, and it can also bring bacteria. Therefore, if you want to whiten your teeth, it is necessary to brush your teeth twice a day and a sugar-free xylitol gum after a meal.

Studies have shown that strawberries have the function of slightly whitening teeth, while the chocolate on the strawberries plays an antibacterial role. Who can resist this combination of deliciousness and whitening teeth? Chocolate can reduce bacteria, but the disadvantages are also obvious, because the general chocolate contains a lot of sugar, so don't eat too much.

Warm-toned lipstick will make your yellow teeth look yellower. Choose a cool-toned lipstick to make your teeth brighter. Cool colors do not specifically refer to blue or purple lipsticks, but red lipsticks with cool colors such as blue or purple. You can consult BA when buying at the counter. They all have professional color training and will help you find the most suitable cool-toned lipstick.