The best hair removal program in summer

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I want to go to the beach for a date in summer! This is something to look forward to!But just preparing a beautiful bikini and ignoring the hair removal is embarrassing. When I raise my hand, the black underarm is exposed.

When it comes to hair removal, we must first talk about the hair growth cycle. Only by correctly cognizing body hair can it be removed accurately!

Beauty depilation illustration

The part of the hair buried in the skin becomes the root, and the part exposed outside the skin becomes the hair shaft. The lower end of the hair root swells into a spherical shape in the dermis, with abundant nerves and blood vessels, called hair bulbs, which are also the foundation of hair growth. In addition, the growth of hair includes the growth phase, the anagen phase, and the resting phase. Hair life activities are most active during the growth period. In the body hair in the degenerative stage, the hair bulb begins to shrink and the hair stops growing. In the resting phase of body hair, the hair shaft is detached from the hair follicle, waiting for a new cycle of growth.

A comprehensive comparison of several popular hair removal methods on the market in terms of price, time required, pain sensation, maintenance time, and operability. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Girls who need hair removal can get a general understanding. The following will recommend different methods according to different parts of the body.

Many girls are at a loss when they first grow body hair when they are young, and they choose to shave with a small blade, but in fact, it is easy to make the body hair longer and thicker, longer and darker. The method of plucking hair with tweezers does last longer, but it is too time-consuming and extremely painful.

When I grow up and realize the disadvantages of small blade hair removal, some people will choose hair removal cream, which is painless and convenient, but it may cause dry skin. You must take care of your skin. Another part of people will choose an electric epilator, which is equally convenient, and the principle of hair removal is to pluck the hair by the roots, and it will not grow and thicker. The disadvantage is that it is super painful.

Later, I started with a laser epilator, and I can feel a slight burning sensation, but it is not completely painless, and it takes more time to use. The effect is that the hair can gradually become soft. Laser hair removal in beauty salons also takes several courses of treatment to achieve the effect. It does not mean that the effect of permanent hair removal can be achieved once.

After seeing so many hair removal methods, the thickness of the hair on different parts of the body is different. Which hair removal method should correspond to the legs, underarms, bikini area, and face?

Part 1: Legs and arms

Recommendation: beeswax, hair removal cream, electric hair removal device, laser hair removal device

The limbs are exposed to the outside for a long time, and they are definitely not as delicate as the underarm skin. So the tolerance is still very good. It should be noted that the area of hair removal on the limbs is relatively large, if you are not afraid of pain. The first choice beeswax hair removal, it lasts for a long time and the price is not expensive.

Girls who find it troublesome, hair removal cream is a good choice. Although the duration is not as long as beeswax, it is worse than easy to use.

Girls with ample budget can try laser epilators. Although it is more troublesome to use than depilatory cream, it will make the hair softer and softer and solve the problem fundamentally.

Part 2: Underarm

Recommendation: scraper, electric epilator

The skin of the underarm area is very delicate, and it is easy to make the skin sensitive if it is removed by chemical methods. A small spatula may break the skin accidentally. If the budget allows, it is best to buy an electric epilator. Nowadays, there are many different heads of the epilators on the market that can be replaced. You can replace the corresponding blade head when removing the underarm hair.

Part 3: Bikini

Recommendation: Shaving blade

Have the habit of cleaning the hair on the bikini area regularly. The hair on the bikini area is messy. Sweating in summer can easily breed bacteria and produce peculiar smells. After the bikini area has been removed, it will be clean and refreshing! Recommended shaving blades, but to prevent redness, swelling and itching after shaving, be sure to apply a lubricating gel before starting.

Part 4: Face

Recommendations: facial bleach, spring-type hair removal clip

The moustache on the face, the little white hair on the face is very annoying. Although you can't see it from a distance, when you do a lipstick test, the photos taken at close range will surprise people. Girls with makeup have had this experience.