The rescue of Christmas failed, and the ship outage in the United States worsened

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  American Christmas is coming soon. Fraser fir, Oregon pine, and artificial trees are the main choices for American families when buying Christmas trees. But now, many American families are not sure whether they can gather under the Christmas tree to spend the Christmas holiday.

  Jami Warner, executive director of the American Christmas Tree Association, predicts that the price of Christmas trees in the United States this year will increase by 10% to 30% compared with last year and urges consumers to shop as soon as possible, otherwise "you may not be able to buy the tree you want."

  The main factors affecting the American Christmas tree market are the supply chain and transportation costs.

  Up to now, the Port of Los Angeles is still congested with nearly a hundred ships. The Biden administration has repeatedly made heavy efforts to control maritime congestion, but with little success.

  May block the port in 2022

  The latest data confirms that it may take several months for the congested ships in the port to be cleaned up. According to data from Wabtec Port Optimizer in Los Angeles, as of last Friday, the average waiting time for ships was 20.8 days, nearly a week longer than a month ago.

  The National Retail Federation’s November Global Port Tracking Report analyzed the volume of container imports entering the United States’ major sea routes and predicted that imports in 2021 will increase by 16.2% over 2020.

  At the same time, it is predicted that compared with the same period in 2021, imports in the first half of 2022 will increase by 2.9%, which indicates that the supply chain congestion problem may continue until 2022.

  The current approach is to divide the ships congested in the port of Los Angeles into two categories: 40 ships anchored at designated locations, and others anchored around the port.

  This makes the distance of the boat travel longer, and many ships heading to the port of Los Angeles slow down their sailing speed. The original waiting time of only two weeks has also increased, and Biden's plan to save Christmas seems to be failing.