Why, some people will walk into the misunderstanding of skin care

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Skin cells continue to age with age and need to be given moderate nutrition. Sometimes because of acne caused by overnutrition, dermatologists will also recommend the use of "fasting" therapy, that is, no or less skin care products. But most of the time, especially after 10 o'clock in the evening, the skin will enter the renewal repair time. If used properly, the skin beautification effect will be doubled.


After cleaning, the oil and moisture on the skin surface will be reduced. Although the skin will secrete new oil and sweat as soon as possible to protect me, it still takes time. Moreover, the moisture of the skin evaporates quickly in summer, and it is obviously insufficient to simply use moisture infusion as the entire content of maintenance.

Most softening lotions do not have the effect of locking in moisture, so after hydrating, you should also apply a moisture-locking gel or lotion, and use pore shrinking products to complete the maintenance work and condition the firm and smooth skin.

Toners containing alcohol can consolidate the cleansing effect and control oil; after washing your face, the skin is moist and delicate, and sometimes it may even feel dry and tight. If you use alcohol-containing softening lotion directly, it will double the moisture on the surface of the skin and cause a certain degree of dehydration.

Alcohol-containing softening lotion is not useless. Its antiseptic, refreshing, and astringent effects are actually what oily skin needs. Therefore, after cleansing the skin, it is recommended to spray a moisturizing spray to replenish moisture and calm the skin, and then use a cotton pad to wipe the softening lotion as soon as possible, and then apply a moisturizing gel to lock in the moisture after it dries.