What to do with uneven skin tone

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We often find that some parts of the facial skin look fairer and softer, and some parts seem to be dull and yellow. In fact, this is caused by the so-called uneven skin tone. For this reason, many girls who love beauty are very troubled. What should I do if my skin tone is uneven?

Uneven skin tone

If outdoor activities are frequent, the perspiration of the skin will increase, and the secretion of oil will be strong, which will easily cause the skin's keratin to thicken, which will lead to uneven skin tone, and some problems such as dullness, roughness, and large pores of the skin will appear. Therefore, it is very important to clean the skin in time and exfoliate the skin. It can keep the pores of the skin unblocked, and can also gradually remove the dull dead skin so that the whiteness of the facial skin can be improved. You can choose to use facial cleansers or masks containing fruit acids, vitamin A, C, etc. to help regulate the skin tone, which is beneficial to skin whitening and alleviating uneven skin tone.

Only clean the skin is not enough for uneven skin tone, but also pay attention to the most basic skin moisturizing. Together with hydrating and moisturizing, the skin can quickly restore the balance of water and oil, and retain cell moisture on the surface of the skin, which can fill the skin with keratin and make the skin tone look more even. Generally speaking, it is okay to apply a moisturizing mask regularly. You can also carry a bottle of moisturizing spray with you. When you feel the skin is dry and tight, just spray it. This can effectively alleviate skin dehydration and prevent skin tone. Uniform obscurity.

Every night after 11 o’clock in the evening is the time for the human body to start detoxification, and the early morning is the golden time for skin self-repair care, so it is very important to maintain adequate sleep time, which can allow the skin to repair itself and restore cell vitality. Uneven skin tone is alleviated. And you can use a whitening mask before going to bed to get a more effective skin repair effect.