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Teeth Cleanliness

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  • Tips for Teeth Cleanliness, Brilliant Smiles
    Tips for Teeth Cleanliness, Brilliant Smiles

    Chewing crispy raw fruits and vegetables can reduce the residue of food coloring, they are like natural toothbrushes. Try to chew apples, celery or carrots hard, they can rub the surface of the tooth sufficiently without affecting the enamel. The harder you chew, the better. People always ignore the problem of food residues between teeth. Residual food can damage your teeth. If you are only concerned about whitening, you should also pay attention to removing the residue between the gaps, so that the teeth will look whiter. In addition, no matter how white your teeth are, if your gums are red and swollen, they don’t look healthy, so it’s best to clean your gums once every two days. We recommend this portable tooth whitening wipes, which can be carried with you and wipe the surface of your teeth after drinking coffee to keep your teeth white.

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