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  • The first case of Omicron in Mainland China,How does this affect us?
    The first case of Omicron in Mainland China,How does this affect us?

    Omicron, who had been popular some time ago, finally set foot on China. According to the latest report, an asymptomatic infection of the new crown virus was imported from outside Tianjin on December 9. According to the inspection of the infected person by the Tianjin Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the review by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, it can be concluded that the infected person was carrying The virus is the new coronavirus Omicron mutant strain (B.1.1.529 evolutionary branch). This is the first Omicron mutant found in mainland China, which was imported into Tianjin from abroad. News on December 14, 2021: It was learned from the Guangzhou epidemic prevention and control press conference held on the afternoon of the 14th that the first positive case of imported Omicron was found in Guangzhou.

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