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Makeup tutorial

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  • The truth behind girls being possessed in makeup tutorials
    The truth behind girls being possessed in makeup tutorials

    What started as a lively makeup tutorial turns into a ghastly scene when an unidentified girl, presumed demonically possessed, starts banging her head on the keyboard. And as blood drips from her swollen forehead and down her face, you’ll definitely stop watching. The internet loves all things creepy and disturbing but there's a new video that has been circulating lately and it's pretty terrifying. Party Makeup by Nikki is a seemingly harmless makeup tutorial at first but it soon becomes increasingly disturbing. In the clip, a woman named Nikki takes us through her makeup routine. So far, pretty tame. However, a little bit into the tutorial, the left side of the screen changes to what looks like CCTV footage of darkness and Nikki immediately starts staring directly into the camera before sinister music cuts in.

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