Is whitening body lotion harmful?

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Whitening body lotion, as the name suggests, is a cosmetic lotion used on the body. It has the effects of hydrating, whitening and moisturizing the whole body. According to the maturity and development of technology, it can be subdivided to make the body smooth, sunscreen, slimming, repair and maintenance, and charming body. Multiple functions to enhance personal charm and attract the attention of the opposite sex.


After taking a shower, apply directly to the skin, and pay attention to the massage so that it is easy to absorb. We often use whitening body lotion for follow-up maintenance work because the skin needs to quickly restore "whiteness" after sun exposure. This type of product is mostly used for after-sun care after sun-burning-whitening maintenance.

Because the skin is exposed to the sun and is attacked by ultraviolet rays, it will precipitate melanin. Whitening body lotion can not only gradually reduce sunburn and dark spots, avoid the production of melanin, but also make the skin appear brighter and shiny.

What you need to know that whitening body lotion does : Although whitening products can block ultraviolet rays to a large extent, avoid the rapid dullness and aging of the skin. But whitening products can't change the natural skin color, or reduce the pigment formed by chronic diseases or genetics, let alone bleach the skin, or make the skin tender.