Healthy and Pain-Free Foot Care Tips

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  Our feet are the part of the body that doesn't take much care of. We often overlook the importance of foot care. We have great skincare and haircare routines and other similar beauty routines to take care of our body and skin, but we often neglect our feet and don't have a foot care routine. This is not a good thing. Our feet can suffer a lot of pain and come into contact with a variety of germs and bacteria, and they are susceptible to infections and other foot-related problems such as corns, cracked skin, and odor. This is why our feet need daily foot care just like our daily skincare routine.

  One of the most important things to do is to wash your feet. You can't ignore the importance of washing your feet with mild soap and water. This helps keep your feet clean and prevents germs and bacteria from growing on your feet. Wash and dry your feet before putting on your shoes, and the moment you walk into your home.

  They need to be comforted, relaxed, and rejuvenated every now and then to keep them going. We also need to keep fungus, infection, and bacteria out of our feet and prevent problems like athlete's foot and any other fungal infection. To do this, we can turn to some basic foot soaks, which can help relieve foot pain and kill bacteria at the same time.

  Boil some water with neem leaves and Epsom salt. Epsom salt helps cleanse your feet and remove excess moisture and it also soothes your muscles and relieves pain. Neem has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It kills bacteria and cleanses your feet. Soak your feet in warm water with neem and Epsom salt till it turns cold. Heat it up again if needed. Do this once in two days.

  Don't forget to exfoliate your feet once a week. Your feet also have dead skin that needs to be removed. Use a homemade antibacterial scrub to exfoliate your feet and remove the dead skin and the impurities. Complete with UREA Foot Cream which contains provitamin B5 for very dry skin.

  Moisturize your feet and then wear socks when you go to bed. This helps your feet remain warm and clean and moisturized. Wear a sock when you opt for close-shoes to keep your feet away from any sort of bacteria and germs. Socks also protect your feet from getting chapped and cracked and it keeps blisters at bay.Barefoot walking around. It is advisable to wear a home slipper to protect it as now we usually stay in air-con environment.