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Hair removal

  • Can armpit hair be plucked?
    Can armpit hair be plucked?

    After thousands of years of evolution, the body can be said to be better. Except for the appendix, almost every part of the body is helpful to the human body. Although armpit hair is in an inconspicuous part of the body, it is never thought of except in autumn and winter, but armpit hair plays an indispensable role in helping the underarms to dissipate heat, regulating human endocrine, and avoiding underarm odor. Of course, these effects of armpit hair on the human body are not irreplaceable, it only helps the underarm area. Therefore, the armpit hair can be plucked.

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  • The best hair removal program in summer
    The best hair removal program in summer

    I want to go on a beach date with a man in the summer! It's something I really look forward to! But just preparing a beautiful bikini and ignoring the hair removal is embarrassing. When I raise my hand, the black underarm is exposed. When it comes to hair removal, we must first talk about the hair growth cycle. Only by correctly cognizing body hair can it be removed accurately!

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