Do skin oiliness test to customize your own skin care solution

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Just like you go to a drugstore to buy medicine, you need to consult relevant personnel. If you want to find a suitable way of care for your skin, a trained and knowledgeable beautician can give you a lot of advice on care and products. And beauticians after contact and face-to-face diagnosis can give you targeted advice.


Every facial care process is an opportunity for you to communicate with professional beauticians, so that you can understand your skin and know how to make your Skin oiliness test tender and smooth through care.

In autumn and winter, the climate is dry, the metabolism is slow, and the skin will wrinkle due to water loss. We all know the principle of skin care.In spring and summer, the metabolism of newly formed skin is accelerated, and it will be more moist and shiny, so it is easy to ignore the care of skin.


Dry skin: usually the skin secretion is insufficient and lack of water, the face appears dry, prone to dryness, fine lines and peeling phenomenon. The skin is delicate with small pores, but lacks luster. Facial makeup can last longer. Daily care needs to pay attention to sweating and prevent water loss, choose mild skin cleaning products to maintain sebum. Strengthen exercise appropriately to promote metabolism and blood circulation,In the nursing care, we added deep moisturizing, exfoliating and massage repair products, strengthened sun protection during the day and moisturized and repaired at night to avoid premature aging of the skin. Pay attention to water intake in daily diet, drink more water, especially drink a glass of water before going to bed and after getting up in the morning


Replenishment care, after washing the face also need to use replenishment supplies, you can use men's special toner, and then moisturizing cream facial skin care, because most male friends do not make-up, so do not need to use too much skin care products, simple skin care procedures can be very good facial skin care.

Knowing your skin type can help with targeted care. Normal skin is mainly moisturizing, which can control oil properly. Dry skin is mainly sunscreen, moisturizing and moisturizing. Oily skin can control oil and moisturize at the same time to prevent acne. Combination skin is treated according to different parts of the face, and the Skin oiliness test can be performed according to the season and the degree of care to adjust the next maintenance plan.

Eye skin ptosis is not only the loss of collagen, but also the loss of water, cell loss will lead to eye skin ptosis. In fact, the eye skin is the most delicate part of the face, we must take good care of it to make the skin tight again.