Correct use of conditioner

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Wet the hair with warm water of 37-40 degrees Celsius first. Pay attention to the water temperature not to be too high.

The shampoo is first rubbed into the palm of the palm to form a lather. Do not apply the shampoo directly to the scalp, as it will cause damage and burden to the scalp. You should use the rubbed foam to spread the hair evenly, and then gently rub the scalp back and forth with the pads of your ten fingers. Do not use your nails to pick the scalp. Knead gently for a few minutes to wash away the shampoo foam with warm water.


Appropriately squeeze the moisture from the hair, then take an appropriate amount of conditioner, place it on the palm, gently apply it to the hair ends, and then slowly rub it from the end to the root of the hair. After a few minutes, rinse it off with warm water. Note that the conditioner should not touch the scalp, otherwise it will cause the scalp to be greasy or even clog the pores, causing hair loss.

In addition to the application method that will affect the effect of the conditioner, another factor is the order in which the conditioner is used. Generally speaking, it can be distinguished according to the individual's hair type.

Generally speaking, most people use conditioner after washing their hair, and everyone will inevitably form a fixed mindset that conditioner can only be used after shampooing. But in fact, the order in which the conditioner is used can be distinguished according to the type of hair. There are roughly three types of hair types: for neutral hair, one is for thick and hard hair, and the other is for soft hair quality.

People with normal hair and thick and hard hair generally use conditioner in our default order of use, that is, wash your hair with shampoo first, and then use conditioner, so that the conditioner used can still be better after rinsing.Keep the essence of the essence in the hair well to provide moisture and nourishment to the hair.

It is generally recommended for people with soft hair to use conditioner first,then rinse off before using shampoo.Because if people with soft hair use conditioner after shampooing,it is easy to make the hair close to the hair,causing the hair to become greasy and dirty.Therefore, people with soft hair first use conditioner and then shampoo,which not only moisturizes the hair but also keeps the hair fluffy and dry.